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Rules and regulations for Polish Children and Youths Festival 


I. Organizer:



16 Ash Road





II. participants


The festival is open to children and young people who sing [soloists, duets, vocal or vocal-instrumental ensembles (from trio to octet)] up to the age of eighteen (18). The participant's age is determined by the year of birth. To enter the Festival, you must have a permanent residence in any country in the world, excluding Poland. The festival is a Plonium Festival, only entries from abroad are allowed, the Festival does not apply to Poland.



III. Festival schedule:


1. Qualification - 01.08.2020


2. Final competition auditions - 29/08/2020


3. Vocal workshops - 07/09/2020 - 14/09/2020


4. Winners' Gala - 26/09/2020


IV. Festival goals:


1. Presentation of the artistic achievements of soloists, duets, vocal ensembles, vocal-instrumental ensembles.


2. Popularization of singing songs about artistic and educational values.


3. Exchange of ideas and experiences in the area of ​​popularizing singing and playing instruments among children and youth outside the country.


4. Promoting child and youth artistic creation.


5. Using the entire country song heritage in possibly contemporary studies.


6. Promoting own creativity, creating and expanding children's and youth's repertoire adapted to contemporary trends.


7. Promoting the use of Polish among children and young people through music.



V. From Qualification to the Gala - participation rules:


1. The festival consists of qualifications, final competition auditions, vocal workshops and the Winners' Gala. Participation in the Festival is preceded by qualifications covering all performers. The vocal qualifications will take place via the sent media or upload on the Festival's website two pieces (2). One of them must be made in Polish, while the other in any language. Organizers are also asking to read the Festival song "Because it is an Applause", notes, words and recording of the song can be found on the Festival's website in the FESTIVAL SONG tab.


2. Performers qualified for the Festival present in subsequent stages a song qualified by the Artistic Commission, which consists of teachers from the Polish Music Center in Peterborough.


3. Winners of the Festival, as well as all its Finalists, who will take part in the competition auditions on 29.08.2020, will have the opportunity to participate in on-line vocal workshops which will be agreed individually and will take place from 7 / 09-14 / 09 / 2020.  


4. Winners awarded with individual prizes present themselves at the Gala, accompanied by specially recorded arrangements by a "combo" type instrumental band.



VI. Detailed information on the rules of participation in the Festival:



1. Performers of the application form with selected songs should send to the organizer not later than 01.08.2020. The finals, vocal workshops and Gala will be held from 29 to 26.09.2020 on the ZOOM platform, social media and YouTube .


2. All performers at the stage of Finals perform a song with a musical background (semi-play). At the Gala stage, the winners perform a song accompanied by an arrangement recorded especially for them by the band or with their own accompaniment.


3. All festival participants are required to:



* complete in electronic or paper application form available on the website in the SUBMISSIONS tab


* sending the artist's recordings in mp3, video or movie links

on e.g. YouTube, you can also upload a video on WhatsUp.


* take part in individual vocal / music workshops and in preparation for the Festival song


* meeting deadlines for sending recordings to the Winners' Gala and Festival Songs


4. The deadline for sending all entry materials is 01.08.2020. Applications and materials sent after the deadline will not be accepted. The date on which the materials reach the organizers is decisive, not the date on the postmark.


5. The organizer of the Festival notes that the selection of two songs imposes on the instructors and guardians of young performers a special responsibility for a skillfully selected repertoire.


6. The song qualified by the Artistic Commission for the Finals will be treated as the final presentation proposal at the Festival.


The 7th Festival does not apply to choirs, but applies to bands from trio (3) to octet (8).


8. Each performer during the Finals will present a song not exceeding seven (7) minutes.


9. Soloist / duo - may be accompanied by a vocal section up to 6 people (up to 18 years old).



10. All participants are required to have valid proof of identity. If the age limit is exceeded (the year of birth applies), the soloist, duo and band will be withdrawn from the competition.


11. Playbacks cannot be used in the competition part of the Festival.


12. Vocal / vocal-instrumental ensembles are required to send an application form along with a list of participants and their age.



13. Each participant of the Festival may be a member of only one vocal group, while each member of the band may appear as a soloist.


14. The age categories of this year's Festival in the elimination phase are open to both soloists, duets and bands. A separate TEAM category (from trio to octet) will be created only if the organizers receive a minimum of 8 entries.


The exact age categories will be announced together with the list of people qualified for the final auditions, until 09.08.2020


15. Everyone who performs at the Competition Auditions is invited to take part in free vocal workshops, which will be held from 07/09 to 14/09/2020.


16. In the event of disputes regarding the determination of Laureates by the Festival Jury. The Festival Director, at the Jury's request, may allow the participant to listen to the second song submitted to the Festival.


17. If the Winner / Guardian fails to comply with the deadlines imposed by the Organizers, the Jury allows the disqualification of the Winner and the transfer of the prize to the participant who was next on the Winners list.



VII. Festival Awards:



1. The following prizes are foreseen for the best performers of the Festival:











2. Prize winners: Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze Applause, the Festival Organizer will award the following financial and material prizes:




* GRAND PRIX - £ 500 + statuette



* GOLD APLAUZ - £ 300 + statuette

* SILVER APLAUZ - £ 200 + statuette

* BROWN APLAUZ - £ 100 + statuette

* SMILE APLAUSE - £ 100 + statuette


NOTE : Financial sponsors may be increased if sponsors are obtained.



3. Applause another division in a specific category determined by the Festival Director at the request of the jury.


4. Applause can be moved from category to category.


5. Winner of the Grand Prix, may not appear in subsequent editions of the Festival.



6. Cash prizes will be paid via bank transfer to Revolut account, while prizes will be sent to the winners by post.




VIII. Criteria for the evaluation of competition auditions:


In its assessment, the Artistic Committee and the Jury will be guided by the following criteria:


* Artistic expression

(performance, costume, stylization, contact with the audience)


* Interpretation

(originality, artistic maturity, understanding and transmission of the song's content, skilful use of means of expression)


* Vocal technique


* Diction


* Choice of repertoire

(artistic value, scale of difficulty, interesting musical arrangement, matching the song to the age of the performer).



The selected song, except that it should meet all artistic criteria, must be adapted to the age and interpretation capabilities of the performer. The truth of the message, understanding the content, respecting the musical style and the ability to move and kidnap the audience - these are the qualities which the organizers of the Festival particularly care for.



IX. Organizational Rules



1. Rehearsals for live auditions will be held using the ZOOM application, after prior appointment with the Festival Organizers from August 24 to September 28.


2. Participants qualified to participate in the Festival grant the festival organizer permission, in the form of a statement attached to the application forms, to disseminate their image in various forms of transmission: press, television, radio, electronic, and a signed certificate of compliance with the deadlines required by the organizers.


3. Participation in the Festival is tantamount to agreeing to publish materials recorded during the Festival on the Internet, radio and television.


4. Festival participants are required to use songs, artistic performances and phonograms respecting copyrights or related rights of their creators, artists, performers and producers.


5. All protests will be accepted by the organizer until the end of the competition part of the Festival (AUGUST 29, 2020). Only an instructor (guardian) of the contractor (team) can submit a protest.


6. All doubts regarding the provisions of these Regulations will be settled on the basis of the text in Polish as only binding.


7. Matters not included in the regulations are resolved by the Festival Director together with the organizers.


8. In the event of a violation by the participant / team of the Festival's rules, the organizer, in consultation with the chairman of the Jury, has the right to disqualify the participant / team.



9. The application form in electronic form and for printing is available on the website: in the SUBMISSIONS tab. An incorrectly completed or incomplete application form disqualifies the applicant. The organizers undertake to inform each case by email.


10. The application form should be completed in electronic or paper form. In the case of a paper form, please send it to the following address:



16 Ash Road

PE1 4 PF





11. Two songs should be attached to the application form, at least one MUST be sung in Polish.


In electronic form on media-type upload through the website, in the case of paper form on CD or pen drive. The organizer reserves that the sent media are not returnable.


12. In the case of vocal / vocal-instrumental ensembles, please provide the name and age of each participant.


13. Each performer is required to correctly provide the author of the text and music and song titles in the application form. The accuracy of the data rests with the claimant.


14. The lyrics of songs performed at the Festival may not contain words commonly used for vulgar, offensive, discriminatory or racist content.


15. Confirmation of a given age category of the Festival will take place after the Artistic Commission has qualified to the Festival at least six (6) performance forms in a given category.


16. After qualifying, participants will receive a written invitation to participate in the 4th Polish Festival of Children's and Youth Song APLAUZ, which will take place from August 29 - September 26, 2020.



17. The verdicts of the Artistic Commission and the Jury are indisputable.


18. Consultations of the Jury with the participants of the Festival and their instructors / guardians during vocal workshops are planned, after prior date and time determination.


19. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the regulations, which will be decided by the Festival Director at the request of the Organizers.


20. Matters not included in the regulations shall be decided by the Festival Director. The decisions of the Festival Director are final and beyond dispute.




Festival Director

Martyna Bilska



If you have any questions, please contact us at weekends on Saturdays from 13:00, Sundays - all day.


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